Scope of Digital marketing career in different countries      

For the past few years, the digital marketing stream has reached its zenith of popularity. The youths of various countries of the world are searching for digital marketing jobs in their respective countries. If you are also among the same then there is good news for you. Digital marketing career has huge growth prospects in the coming years. Students, as well as the professionals, can earn a handsome amount of money by working in this field. From, a daily routine 9-5 jobs the youths of various nations are shifting their interest towards home-based online marketing jobs.   

Before considering the benefits of a career in the field of digital marketing let’s understand some fundamental concepts of it.  

What is Digital Marketing?  

The process of any kind of business promotion with the help of the internet, search engines and various social media channels is known as digital marketing. Today, there has been a drastic change in the marketing technique of various business houses. They prefer more online channels rather than an offline mode to promote their business.   

Why digital marketing career is on high demand for the past few years?  

Entrepreneurs, big corporate houses, as well as the SME’S and startups have realized that traditional marketing techniques will no longer be fruitful towards the tech-savvy young generations of their countries. People of all around the world today like to buy their products as well as services online. This is why digital marketing jobs are in high demand nowadays. 

Along with that, it has opened up various digital marketing career opportunities for the youths of various nations. Another important and lucrative part of this field is that by sitting back at the comfort of your home students as well as professionals can earn as much money as they wish by opting for online marketing jobs.  

So, now let’s get into some more details by viewing various important points on the light of this matter.   

  • Zero possibility of recession:-   

The profession of digital marketing is absolutely recession-proof. The scope for job loss is zero to negligible here. Business owners can curtail down their production costs but not their marketing budget. Along with that SME’s as well as various startups companies all around the globe are targeting various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams, Tumbler and many more to promote their products digitally.  

  • Massive demand for Digital Marketers:-    

Today the digital marketing field has the capacity to create a maximum number of job opportunities in any country. The reason for this factor is most of the companies starting from small SME’s to big business houses wants to gain the maximum market share on various search engines.  

In the year of 2017 only in India, there was 8 lakh digital marketing jobs were available in the country. Hence the growth prospects of this field have skyrocketed in 2020 very easily.   

  • Numerous opportunity for everyone:-   

The Digital Marketing career has a broader scope of earning for everyone. The reason being this career field does not demand any specific domain or knowledge background to work with. A candidate even from class 12th standard can take up their career in this field. It is not necessary, that a student must have to belong from any specific field like Science, Arts or Commerce. Only one thing is important here zeal to learn and be creative as much as possible. 

Along with that, students can also use their leisure hours for earning from online marketing jobs.   

  • Friendly working environment:-   

The aspirants or the professionals of the digital marketing field strive to have a creative and dynamic mindset. Better to say, that casual, and flexible time worksshiefts are possible here. In one word, this is a career where your creative thinking process can make you earn more.   

A binding like regular jobs is not here. Just you can select or can choose your own working hours and can perform your task accordingly. The scope of growth is high and you will also have the luxury to spend more quality time with your family. Only a good internet connection is required. Along with that a quality electronic devices like laptops, desktops or smartphones to get your job done on time. 

  • Scope to learn new things every day:-  

Google Algorithms’ keeps on updating every day. This is why a candidate needs to update themselves with the change to rank their websites higher on SERP. This will make you keep the things updated all the time and learn new concepts on a continuous basis. This is why digital marketing career is so innovative. 

Now let’s see the big picture that apart from India, which top 5 countries have a huge demand for digital marketers in their country.  

  1. Australia

On average, a digital marketing professional can earn up to an average salary of (USD 62,444.52) per year. The average hourly rate stands here as (USD 31.92) per hour which is 1.4 times higher than the median wage rate.  

2. Netherlands:- 

The average earning from the digital marketing career in the Netherlands is about (USD 38765.1-64988.55). This is quite high compared to other job fields there.   

  1. U.S.A.

A digital marketing professional on an average can earn up to $47,853 per year. The minimum amount this digital marketing jobs offer to them is $35,122 per year to a maximum of $63,810 per year basis.   

  1. Canada

The average salary of digital marketing professionals in Canada is about $47,818 per year. From the online marketing jobs, they can earn upto$36,003 in minimum for freshers and $ 67,810 for experienced professionals. 

  1. U.K.

In the U.K. a digital marketing specialist can earn up to USD 43, 060.27 per year on an average. Fresher level to experienced salary ranges to USD 29,658 to USD 60,606.5.  

Hence let’s view the country-wise earning under the following statistical table for the digital marketing professional’s in the above five mentioned countries  

Hence, from the above facts, it has been proved that the digital marketing carrier is quiet prospective in nature. In the coming years, digital marketing jobs will provide huge opportunities to various professionals all across the globe.   

Just the candidates need to select the right online marketing job that suits their career as per their needs.  

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