Essential skills on resume of Digital Marketing experts

Today, there has been a buzz for the requirement of quality digital marketing professionals in the country. Youths of the nation are also very interested in getting jobs in this field. This is why they are very busy in sharpening their digital marketing skillsets to get high paying jobs from the top brands of the country. The demand for digital marketing jobs is increasing at a very rapid pace. If you are also searching for the same, then you need to work on certain skills set to excel in the career of digital marketing.   

Hence, let’s find out the essential skills sets required to perform excellently in this career field.   

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-    

You will be very surprised to see that still; the demand for SEO jobs is very high in the year 2020 also. Many people have thought that the demand for this job field is dead. But the reality is just the opposite. The demand for this digital marketing skill is still very high in the industry. Along with that, SEO specialists are earning a very handsome amount each month all over the world. 

SEO is still very important for various business houses irrespective of their volume of businesses. Today every business irrespective of their volume and popularity need to have a very strong online presence. The competition is very high and you need to be very proactive in your thinking process. So, the career in digital marketing will be a lucrative opportunity for various aspirants in the coming years.  

The demand for digital marketing jobs as well as in the field of SEO is very high. Business houses are in search of quality SEO professionals to make their own digital marketing team. 

Here are some of the job description that is in high demand for SEO professionals in the upcoming as well as in current years. 

Most indemand jobs for SEO  

           Now let’s see the salary range of this job profile   

In a research study, it has been found that on an average an SEO professional can earn up to $45,223. 

  • Pay per click:-   

In the job domain of digital marketing sphere, the demand for PPC professionals is also very high after SEO. In order to produce greater revenues businesses have started investing in paid advertisements. But the major problem they are encountering is that they don’t have the right knowledge to set the right budget for this ad campaigning. This is why most of the business houses are in search of quality PPC professionals to handle the budget allocation issue of digital marketing ad campaigning.  

PPC professionals can help businesses to design a perfect ad campaign so that they can generate maximum revenue.  

The main objective of the PPC professionals is to design engaging ad campaigns so that they get higher results on SERP’s.   

Most demanded jobs under PPC:-   

The salary scale of a PPC professional on an average is $39,839.   

  • Social Media:- 

The demand for social media professional is very high. Better to say the demand for the social media professional is increasing at a speed of light. The popularity of social media platforms is increasing at a rapid pace. 

Currently, the study shows that 1/3rd of the world’s population is using social media platforms. Most importantly companies are using these social media platforms to increase their business opportunities.   

Social Media Marketing jobs have two broad domains they are social media marketing and social media optimization.     

For expanding the business through social media channels the professionals need to be an active user as well as a skilled professional in handling social media content so that they can grab the attention of the maximum target audience as per the business need.  

Here are job opportunities for social media professionals:-  

On average, a social media manager can earn a handsome amount of $49,881 pay scale.   

  • Content Marketing:-    

In the field of digital marketing, content marketing holds the topmost position. Quality content can easily help a business website to rank well in the Search Engines. Quality content can easily grab more traffic for the business website.  

Search engines, as well as the customers, are in search of quality pieces of information. And every business spreads information’s and awareness to build a strong grip over their customers. This is why the need for content writers is very dominant in today’s business scenario.  

 Hence let’s view some of the quality job profiles in this field:-   

1. Web content writer 

2. SEO content writer 

3. E-commerce content writer. 

4. Content Marketing specialist 

The average salary scale of a Content Marketing professional is $ 50,851. 

  • Mobile Marketing:-   

Today’s young generation is a tech-savvy generation. They like to have all the information on their android Smartphones. Business houses are also focusing on sharing more information’s online. This is why the job creation for mobile marketing professionals has been increasing at a rapid pace.   

Apart from this, the competition in this field is quite less compared to other fields of digital marketing. 

Hence, let’s view some premium job opportunities in this sector:- 

1. Mobile Marketing Manager. 

2. Mobile Marketing Specialist. 

3. Head of Mobile Marketing and advertising. 

Average salary scale here ranges to $78,874 which is quite high in comparison to other job fields.   

Hence, from the above explanation, it has become clear, that with the growth of digital marketing the job opportunities in this field are also increasing. Better to say that within the upcoming few years the careers in digital marketing will shoot up tremendously.  

The growth opportunity in a digital marketing job will be very high. Just you need to work on your digital marketing skills to get the desired job of your choice.   

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