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There are many aspirants present in the country who are wondering about the requisites of an analytics job. First of all, if you want to do the job of digital marketing & analytics then you must be aware of the job role you need to perform. Now there is also another important aspect that this field has. The most important part of it is do you love working on various data points and data hub and feel interested by analyzing them. You just need to make up your mind in making proper digital analytics in order to prosper in this field.    

What is marketing analytics?   

Marketing analytics is basically a study of consumer behavior patterns digitally. In order to make a perfect product planning, it is very important to have the right analysis of the data. Professional digital marketing analytics help the organization or businesses to understand decide the price, the consumer buying patterns, and the market demand to sell their product in the market. Along with that, they do a detailed statistical analysis to understand the future prospect of the business in comparison to the market competition.   

Today the competition for capturing the maximum market share is done digitally. This is why the demand for analytics job is very high. For making perfect marketing penetration strategy the role of a digital analytics professional is vital. 

In a research study done globally, it has been found that marketing analytics professional can draw an average salary of $62,829 which is 20% more than what average Digital marketing specialist can make.  

What are the key skill set required to become a professional in marketing analytics?  

If you want to become a marketing analyst then your mathematics must be very strong. The reason is that this is a complete data-driven analysis job. An aspirant of this career must possess very strong skills in statistics along with mathematics.   

There are two broad categories of skill sets is very important to become a successful professional in this field. 

Technical skills required to become a marketing analytics:-   

  • digital analytics professional must have the sound knowledge in handling statistical analysis software like SPSS, STATA and R, SAS.   
  • Must know the programming languages that are related to database query languages which include SQL databases.  
  • The candidate must possess knowledge of reporting and business intelligence software.  
  • Should know how to do data mining. 
  • Must have a sound skill on data visualization.     

Hence in the above-mentioned points demonstrates the technical skills required for analytics job.   

Now let’s see the key business skills that are essential for this profile.   

Business skills required for a marketing analytics professional:-  

  • The professional must be analytic and problem-solving in nature. This actually means that the candidate must have the ability to handle a large amount of complex data properly. Along with that must make an error-free analysis by converting it into measurable results.  
  • The aspirant must possess critical thinking ability and must have a huge curiosity about the consumers. So, that on the basis of this collected data they can easily make the right financial decision. This skill is essential in digital analytics
  • Must have a good communication skill so that they can build strong relationships with the consumers, can make an interview of the fellow researchers, presenting results, must have the ability to make proper client management and can illustrate the results to the non-technical audiences so that, they can easily understand.  
  • Must have a sound knowledge of the industry in the chosen business category for which the data has been collected and analyzed. 

Hence, these are some of the basic business skills that are being required for a digital marketing and analytics job.     

Currently, the need for a digital marketing professional is increasing in India as well as abroad. The reason behind this factor is due to the rise of digital awareness among the youth of the various nations.  

A career in Analytics has become very predominant today. The reason for this is very natural every small as well as big business houses is trying to grab the largest market share in a small span of time. This will only become fruitful when they will get quality digital marketing professional with sound knowledge in digital marketing & analytics.  

What are the key responsibilities of the analytics job?   

If you want to become specialist in web analytics then there are various tools available in the market like Google Analytics, Adobe analytics, Webtrends etc .The most popular among all of them is Google Analytics provided by Google. Google analytics is free for limited set of features for the website with certain amount of traffic 

The concept of Google Analytics basically depends on this fact that it will give a clear picture of the business. Better to say that, every business professionals can make a wise decision regarding their business after viewing the reports of Google Analytics. 

Hence, let’s find out some of the key responsibilities that Google Analytics experts need to handle.   

Hence an analytics job demands the above-mentioned role to play from a Google Analytics expert. Thus, a professional in this field need to master these concepts very well in order to help the business in taking the right decision at the right point of time. 

The job prospects in this field are quite high in the years to come. Just you need to keep on your eye on improving your skill sets as per the requirements of the Search engines ranking norms. 

For this, you need to stay updated in each and every time with the changes in the Google norms.   

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