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Careerwhales is a best platform for Digital Marketing , Analytics and Data science talent sourcing as we have wide range of jobs (Full time, Part time, Freelancer, work from home) available .

What makes it different from the other portals is you are only applying in the field of digital marketing . It would save a big chunk of your valuable time.

Our objective is to make finding candidate and job a more streamlines process saving effort, money and time. It’s a great opportunity for the candidates having the opportunity to showcase qualifications online

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Why Employers use Careerwhales

One of the reasons you should use Careerwhales over other known portals is because you know that everyone applying is in the correct sector. you won’t get a pool of candidate who apply without reading job title and description.

As mentioned above searching a job portal for marketing executive will bring up results in thousands and you will waste your time making sure you find one that’s right.

Here at Careerwhales you will narrow down the search parameters to the right sector for you. this will naturally lead to a smaller candidate pool allowing the recruiter to spend more time on reviewing each candidate. As an applicant, this works in your favor , giving you a better chance to stand out in a crowd.

Recruiters know that there are benefits in posting on niche sites and they are most likely to find quality candidates than that of generic generic job boards. The opposite is true as well recruiters will post better jobs on niche site .

We ,at Careerwhales are aimed at specific and quality audience which can give you a better idea of what experience, skill sets and trainings the employers are seeking for. In addition to the jobs , Careerwhales portal offers a specialist advice regarding the Digital Marketing training institutes across the country, the modules in Digital Marketing training they are offering for and the training cost of all those modules along with the classification of classroom vs. virtual trainings and training centre locations.

Why Candidates use Careerwhales

Candidate benefit: You get a special advice regarding a career in digital marketing along with the skill set and certifications information helping you to tailor your application.

There are numerous trainings and certifications available online and classroom and we can help you to choose the best according to your need and criteria. So in case you have SEO skills and working in SEO field for 3 years and you might want to enhance your skill sets to Social Media Marketing skills go through our Career Guidance blogs to take to step forward in your career.

If you have worked in Digital Marketing field for 3 years and want to enhance skills to Analytics level please go through the list of certifications in out blogs helping you to enhance your resume potential.